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Oct '09

Day 76-78: Friday to Sunday, 16-18 October 2009

Posted by steve@buddyandme.co.za

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Friday the 16th October, found me heading into Boksburg and being met at the start of Commissioner Street, that’s the main street in the town, by a huge mass of bodies and police. The residents of the nearby township of Reiger Park were busy with a demonstration march through the town of Boksburg, demonstrating against the government’s failure to provide the residents of Reiger Park with proper service delivery. Fortunately for me, and the other residents of Boksburg, the march was a relatively peaceful one, especially when comparing it to places like Standerton and a few other towns I have seen on TV recently. These places look like battlefields and whenever I see them on the TV news I keep thinking that they are flashback news scenes from the 1976 Alexandra and Soweto township riots. But apart from a few of the demonstrators hanging onto Buddy’s roof struts and shaking Buddy while laughing and telling me what a nice little racing car Buddy is, everything appeared to go smoothly and peacefully, although when I told a cop I wanted to go into Reiger Park to chat to an NGO there I was told an emphatic “No Sir, that will not be possible”.

So I had to remain at the Beares and Lubners stores where everyone was on tenterhooks hoping that the peaceful demonstration did not turn into the usual chaos with demonstrators smashing shop windows and generally just messing up the town or city as they usually do, just plain acting like hooligans. The one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that we are seeing the marches for poor service delivery every day and these in the majority of cases usually end up in violence and the destruction of the towns and cities, but although everyone I speak to in the townships and cities always agree and confirm that child rape is happening on a totally unacceptable level, especially in the township areas, but I have NEVER seen or heard of any demonstration march against the raping and sexual abuse of children??

Because of the poor service delivery demonstration march, every cop and newspaper reporter was tied up with the security and reporting of the march, so unfortunately my child rape campaign had to take a back seat for the day, but I got to chat to the friendly staff of both the Beares and Lubners stores and got their commitments to spread the word and to get all their relatives and friends who have internet connections to send the details of the website to all the people listed in their e-mail address books, as I hope everyone reading this blog is doing.

Beares Boksburg staff

Beares Boksburg staff

Lubners Boksburg staff

Lubners Boksburg staff

On my first project, An African Odyssey – Searching for a Solution to Child Rape – When I had visited the Brakpan Beares store, one of the staff members, a lady by the name of Tersia, had written a note to me and had placed it under the rubber cushion on my seat. As I pulled away from the curb in front of the store and while all the staff were waving goodbye to me, she indicated to me that I must look under my seat, and later when I did I found the note. It read “When God opened the window of Heaven, he asked me: ‘What is your wish for the day?’ I said ‘Please take special care of the person reading this’. ~ He who kneels before God can stand up before anything! Have a wonderful and Blessed journey!!” Tersia”. When I had arrived at the Brakpan Beares store on Thursday, I was looking forward to seeing Tersia once again but was given the sad news that she had suffered a severe heart attacked last year and had sadly passed away. The store manager at the time of my visit to the Brakpan store was a man by the name of Nico Jordaan who has since taken over as store manager at the Lubners Boksburg store, so on visiting his new store I showed him my Beares managers book in which he had written his remarks about the project and in which I had stapled Tersia’s note. It brought back some rather sad memories but it was great being able to relate to a really special part of the project. I know that Tersia will be sadly missed by her colleagues and family.

I recently received a really nice e-mail from a lady by the name of Adele Jones of ‘Jad Solutions SA’ who I asked to send the e-mail to my blog so that everyone could read it, which she subsequently did. It’s really interesting so everyone please click on the website blog/comments, and if anyone can help them I’m sure your help and assistance will be greatly appreciated, yet another amazing South African who cares. Keep up the great work Adele and ‘Buddy and Me’ wish you all the best for the future in your crusade. You see I told you I was blessed by being given the privilege of meeting and getting to know some really amazing people. Jad Solutions SA’s website is www.www.jadsolutionsssa.co.za – check it out.

Okay so with Friday behind me, all that was left was to wait for Saturday afternoon when the Sharks (number one on the log) were due to take on the Cheetahs in Durban in the first of the Currie Cup semi-finals games, the other being the Bulls against the Western Province. Well what I can I say, as a born and bred Durbanite; actually Pinetonian, but still a staunch Sharks supporter, once again the Sharks proved me right! We can beat the world champions today but lose to a high school team tomorrow, (but why must it always be the Cheetahs – remember the super 14 this last season). Please Mr. Plumtree, what the hell happened??? How can the top of the log team be beaten by a side that scarcely made it to the semis and scraped into the number four position on the log and then give the Sharks a lesson in how to play the game of rugby! But in all honesty I must say that the Cheetahs looked like they wanted to be in the final whereas the Sharks looked like they were just not interested and it was undoubtedly one of the worst performances I have ever had the displeasure of watching the Sharks play. And this comes from a man who carries the Sharks logo literally for life – Forever! Check this out.

My confirmation that “Come what may I am a Shark supporter Forever”

My confirmation that “Come what may I am a Shark supporter Forever

The one good thing about the day is the fact that it was my daughter Carey’s birthday and she spent the day at the stadium hoping that the Sharks would give her a birthday present and get into the finals, shame on you guys you let her down, but Carey I hope you had a great day anyway, I love you stacks.

Carey on her wedding day with Michaela and me in 2006

Carey on her wedding day with Michaela and me in 2006

And so all that was left was to see who would play the Cheetahs in the final and what can I say, the Bulls did it. So to Gaston (Gem Bar – Lambton, Germiston) and all the other Bulls supporters, I take my cap off to you die hard supporters, your team did you proud, so it’s the third on the log playing the fourth on the log in the final, incredible! But I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, the Cheetahs are going to kick the Bulls asses in two weeks time – I’ll buy the tissues.

So with the weekend over, tomorrow morning, Monday the 19th October I will be heading out to the Beares stores in Bronkhorstspruit and Delmas, so until next when I write my blog, stay well, stay safe and keep all children safe.

Caring regards from
Buddy and Me (Steve Heath)

To assist with Buddy’s medical aid (recouping the R9500.00 spent on repairs to engine and installation of new gearbox, starter motor and front suspension), please make a deposit into the following account:

  Bank: First National
  Branch: Lambton
  Branch code: 251542
  Acc name: Buddy and Me
  Acc number: 622 327 236 78
  Ref: Buddy’s medical aid

All assistance, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated. Any excess collected above the necessary amount, will be donated to the three organisations involved in the project, namely The Teddy Bear Clinic, Bobbi Bear Foundation and The TygerBear Clinic.

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