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Sep '09

Day 53 – 57: Wednesday to Sunday, 23 – 27 September 2009

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Wednesday dawned a lovely day but arrived with problems for me and Buddy. After loading all my stuff and jumping eagerly into Buddy, I turned the key in the ignition and instead of the key stopping where it is supposed to stop and the engine starting, the key clicked and carried on turning in a full circle and Buddy would not start. I removed the key and tried again, this time the engine started. Carlo (Round Table Groblersdal) arrived to take me to say goodbye to Jaco and when I told him what had happened, he switched off the engine and put his hand underneath the dashboard and checked out the wiring. Unfortunately because of the bonnet having been sealed against rain, we could not access the rear of the ignition. He turned the key and it once again rotated in a full circle, then he turned it the other way, anti-clockwise and there was a loud horrible grating sound. He turned it clockwise again and the engine started.

After a brief stop at Jaco’s surgery to thank him for his tremendous hospitality during my brief visit to Groblersdal, I headed out for Middleburg – non stop – I was too scared to stop and switch Buddy off in case I couldn’t get him started again. I arrived at the Middleburg Beares store and on stopping outside could not get Buddy to switch off, the key just kept going around in a full circle. I called the store manager, Dewet Holtzhausen and explained the problem and gave him the sad news that I would have to miss the store and head straight back to Germiston to sort out the ignition problem.

On arriving in Germiston at 2:30 in the afternoon, I headed straight for the spares shop and bought a new and ‘better’ ignition. Over the weekend, with Richard’s help (that’s May’s son) we fitted the new ignition, and removed the carburettor and fitted spacers (washers) onto Buddy’s generator to stop the fan rubbing against the engine cowling. On removing the carburettor I discovered that the rear bolt holding the carb to the manifold had snapped inside the body of the carb and so this created another problem. So to all of those who think that this project of mine is a walk in the park – magic trip – just driving around the countryside – you’re wrong. After sorting out the problem of the snapped off bolt with the help of Dave from the Hardware Boys hardware store in Lambton Germiston, together with the help of some magic Q Bond glue – amazing stuff – everything was put back in place by Sunday afternoon and Buddy started, but alas my troubles were not over so easily.

When I turned the ignition, I heard a soft grating sound, like metal rubbing on metal. I believed this to be a starter motor problem which had been caused when the ignition key had been turned the wrong way (anti-clockwise) and so asked my brother-in-law Richard of RAD Auto Electrical in Germiston to try and obtain a new starter motor for me so that, should I need it, I could pop through from the Bethal/Secunda area where I will be for the next five days and fit it quickly. So that was all the drama and work which Buddy inflicted on me during the weekend.

Fortunately not the entire weekend was spent worrying and working on Buddy. Saturday night was a great night and May and I spent the evening with her family celebrating her niece, Bianca’s 21st birthday. This was a bash of note and I can’t remember when I last danced so much. I had perspiration pouring off me and at one point I felt like I had had a shower. But a great time was had by all.

Bianca’s 21st

Bianca’s 21st – Bianca and me

Bianca and me

Lee-Ann, May & Richard

Lee-Ann, May & Richard

May & me

May & me

Tinika, Jessica & Kayla

Tinika, Jessica & Kayla

The birthday girl – Bianca and May

The birthday girl – Bianca and May

During the week-end, I read an interesting article in which the Commissioner of Police gave an instruction to the members of the police force to “Shoot to kill” when facing a criminal and situation which threatens to endanger their lives. I found this to be extremely contradictory when considering the fact that the new firearm laws strictly prohibit a firearm owner from using his/her firearm unless it can be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that his or her life is directly in danger. Secondly, I am acquainted with many police officers and believe me, I know many firearm owners who are far more capable of using a firearm than most of the police I have met, and I shudder to think what the consequences of one of these police officers firing their guns off randomly in a public place would be? But my point is that the police have been given an instruction to “Shoot to kill” but you and I are still forbidden to use a firearm unless “We can prove that our life was in danger”. The fact that an intruder enters my house in the middle of the night and the fact that we have situations occurring every night in which men are being tied up and then killed and woman raped, appears to be beside the point.

And while on that note, I heard on Sunday night ‘Carte Blanche’ how an elderly lady was tied up, placed in a wardrobe and the wardrobe was set alight. She was burnt to death in an absolutely horrific manner. Now can someone please tell me if this is a case of ‘house breaking’ or is this a case of extreme racism and hatred? Secondly, if the old lady’s husband had confronted the ‘intruder’ in the passage could he have shot the piece of garbage dead or would he first have to be able to prove that their lives were in danger? I would dearly like our esteemed Commissioner of Police to answer this one.

Okay so the week-end is over, tomorrow morning early I will be heading out back in the direction of Belfast and then to Middleburg where I will be spending the evening with Herman Geldenhuis of the Middleburg Round Table. So until tomorrow, stay safe.

Caring regards from
Buddy and Me (Steve Heath)

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