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Sep '09

Day 49 and 50: Saturday and Sunday, 19-20 September 2009

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Well the weekend proved to be a relaxing one here at the Polokwane Game reserve. Unfortunately the lady at the gate of the game reserve thought that, because I was driving in an “open strange little car” and because they have White Rhino in the park, it might be too dangerous for me to go into the game reserve so I had to sit at the fence and hope some game came past for me to photograph, but alas the ‘game’ did not play the game, sorry for the pun but I thought it was good. But as you can see from the picture below the peacocks thought I was a great guest and hung around my camp for the entire weekend; maybe it was because I ended up feeding them two whole packets of Provita Biscuits, eventually they were all eating out of my hand.

Peacocks and camp site

But to start with Saturday morning I slept in the latest that I have ever slept in and only woke at 7am when May phoned and woke me with a skrik! Then I went back to sleep because I could not hear Tim moving around. But eventually his phone alarm, which plays some really soothing piano wake up music, got me up and after a shower, coffee and a chat we headed for the Farm Yard where we met up with Jess and enjoyed a magic breakfast – thanks for that Tim it really set me up for the day.

After setting up camp I headed for the ‘Bosveld pub’ a short distance from the game reserve and watched, first the Lions get a thumping from the Griquas (soooorry Gail but shxxt happens when your team can’t play rugby) then watched the SHARKS give the Cheetahs a lesson in the game of rugby.

The crazy bunch from the ‘Bosveld pub’ Bush Veld Pub

The crazy bunch from the ‘Bosveld pub’ Bush Veld Pub

As you can imagine the evening ‘drew on a bit’ and I only got back to my camp quite late!
Sunday dawned a very overcast and cold morning, so as you can imagine I slept in once again and only surfaced at 7:30 and that was because my system was crying out for coffee. Then it was to work. I was given a universal holder for my GPS by Gaston in Germiston but unfortunately due to all the vibrations and shaking created by Buddy’s incredibly solid suspension, the bracket broke. So this morning I had to redesign a new one which took some master crafting but the end result was pretty good, even if I say so myself, well actually Buddy agrees.

New GPS bracket

New GPS bracket

After catching up with my blog and e-mails I started cooking a mean chicken curry. I got my hands on an incredible curry mix from an Indian shop in Tzaneen and so, as they say in Afrikaans, “Maagies vol oegies toe” (stomach full eyes must close) – but first I will show you the ingredients for a good chicken curry.

Curry ingredients

Curry ingredients

So with that it’s ‘maagies vol, oegies toe’. Good night, God bless, please keep all the children safe. E-mail me with your opinions.

Caring regards from
Buddy and Me (Steve Heath)

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