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Jun '11

Blog 35 – Buddy and Me – Project 3 (12th June 2011)

Posted by Julia

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 Who Is Steve Heath
A Message To The President of South Africa.
Factors Contributing To The Increase In Child Rape.
A Proposed Solution To Stopping The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children in SA.

To watch Buddy and Me in real time click here, select South Africa under “Global Fleet Logins:” in the left hand panel, enter cellphone number 0822549129 and password Buddy.

To make a donation to or information on any of the organisations involved in assisting victims of child rape and abuse, please click on one of the following links:

Bobbi Bear Foundation (KwaZulu-Natal)
The Teddy Bear Clinic (Gauteng)
The TygerBear Foundation (Western Cape)
GRIP (Mpumalanga)
StepThru (Gauteng)

I have decided to dedicated this blog to the storey I was told and the details of which were forwarded to me in a devastating email I received from a gentleman in Upington, who has asked me to publish the details of his story in order to ensure that ‘justice’ is achieved for the savage who has created chaos in his life. So here then is Hynie Dick’s storey. I must warn those with sensitive stomachs that the contents of this storey are graphic and so be warned!

My story of horror: Hyney Dick

Greetings Steve

I hereby wish to tell you my life-experience with Jakobus Dick, also known as uncle “Baai”. This conversation will  also include my past with this sadistic paedophile as well as my nieces and aunts life with him and the present situation.


My name is Hyney Paul Dick and I was born and raised in a small town in Namaqualand called named Nababeep. We were seven brothers and two sisters. As my common sense developed, I was informed that uncle Baai is my father’s brother and he was staying with my family long before my time. To me, my brothers and our friends he became the uncle every boy could only dream about. To us, he was like a 365 days “Santa Clause” entertaining us, giving us money and I remember that as boys, on every Sunday, he took us for barbecue in the veldt with his car. In fact he never missed a church service. Wearing suits that other men also could only dream of. For me as a boy, I couldn’t wait for the next Sunday, because we knew that we were going to drive in his car (BMW) for a barbecue, it was fun.

As we grew older, he started taking us to Upington, to visit our grandfather during holidays. In Upington he took us to the river and we swam all day long. There were always other boys with us. He even took us to his workplace and showed us everything there. As I grew older, I realised that this man had extreme power in our town. He was buying year in and year out brand new BMW’s. He was administrating the local club, cinema, swimming-pool, etc. in our town. If anybody wanted something, they first had to ask him for permission. I remember how he took us to the swimming-pool, but he always expected from us (myself, brothers and our friends) to swim naked or with only our underwear. For us as boys it was fun, because he was entertaining us for free. As technology developed (television, video machines, video cazettes, etc.) he showed us movies on the video machines, but at night he never allowed us to watch movies with him. Only our friends were allowed. Obviously we became jealous. When we got the chance, we went through his video cassettes and it was there that we found out that he was in possession of pornographic material. As boys when he was at work or in church, we even sometimes watched these pornographic movies. We were interested in this, because to us it was something out of this world, we never though that people made this kind of movies. I remember that my youngest brother was his favourite of all of us as brothers. He has passed away since, I cannot remember whether it was 1986, 1987 or 1988, but all that I remember was that I was at Secondary School.

But a horrific story unfolds regarding this uncle “Baai.” I still remember the name of the boy, his name was Gerrit and he was one of our many friends. Gerrit informed his parents what this man was doing with him and other boys. We heard that he sucked the boys and then put there sperm in a cup and then mixed it with cool drink and then drank it. We also heard that he asked the boys to masturbate and bring their sperm for him. We heard about the pornographic movies that the boys were watching with him, all of that for money and gifts which he gave to the boys.

I remember how my father, who has since passed away, wanted to kill him with a pickaxe because he was devastated as a father of children. The police came and took him away. The community of Nababeep were shocked about these events and charges regarding this against a once very powerful man. Meanwhile three of my brothers left school. We, and not him alone became the talk of the town. I by then unconsciously became like a protector to children. Today, as a grown up I realise why I was always protected and devoted over other children, especially poor children.

I finished matric and studied a career as a teacher at the Upington College. My parents, including some of my brothers and one sister left Nababeep and bought a house in Upington. Uncle “Baai” was out of our lives. I always wondered what happened to him after the bomb exploded in Nababeep. As a young man I started realising that he must have sub-consciously shattered us as a family. We do not operate like other families. We do not even call each other, wish each other or even support one another; we are just brothers and sisters. The most important, namely LOVE is missing.

In 2005 I met Suzetta at a local church in Upington. We fall in love, got married and started renting a house in Upington. She is also a teacher and both of us had the same passion for children. On the 15 January 2009 our baby girl was born and I was in seventh heaven. I have already had “adopted” Sindoline since 1997. We were living happily together as a family.



In 2006, out of the blue this man returned to Upington. He was not the same man I used to know. He was reflecting the opposite as the man I used to know. The first time in 2006, when we met again, he was a dirty, old man wearing ragged, dirty clothes. There was no BMW. He walked and later on started riding a bicycle. He always came to our place asking for food, money and newspapers. By then I had not yet informed my wife about his past. Actually, my wife who is a passionate Christian felt sorry for him and even I did, so we always helped him with what ever he needed. He started telling us stories about how cruel my niece is treating him since his return to Upington, stories about abuse and abandoning. His last story to us regarding my niece was that she apparently sued him and that it meant that he had to sell the family house in order to pay her. He told us that he legally put the house in my eldest brothers name to avoid losing his only property that could be used to settle the suing amount which my niece wanted. The house was always on his name. My niece meanwhile has left with her daughter because of this house of horrors. I even gave him a vicious dog which I got from a colleague at my school because I felt at that stage he was living alone and the dog could protect him. My colleague never told me the history of the dog. It was a monstrous dog. If I had known before I would have never given him the dog and neither would I have taken the dog from my colleague… because this dog was also used in this horrific storey.

We heard stories that the dog had savagely lacerated people and even my niece and her daughter. He and the dog were starting to terrorise the community. I was devoted to my family and I never followed up these stories of him. To be honest, we believed him. Today I feel disgusted that he had twice, actually three times fooled me by means of his lies. In August 2010, I contacted my brother and asked him if we could stay with uncle “Baai”, because we knew that he was staying alone. By then we were also afraid of the dog. My wife and I had problems with the landlord from whom we rented. They expected us to take care of their elderly mother in their house and we came to the conclusion that we as teachers with a new baby, will not be able to adapt to their request due to the fact that their mother was some kind of serious depression patient and we had our own responsibilities. The situation has become intolerable with our landlords. So we moved to the house of horrors, dog or no dog. He was excited that we came, telling us that he is an old man. He sometimes gets sick and so now there were people who could take care of him. The house at that staged was in a worse condition than a dumping site. We started to clean and made small renovations. On our second day there, the neighbours warned us about the boys that are always coming to visit uncle “Baai”, immediately I became suspicious. The third day, that monstrous dog attempt to bite my baby. That very minute I arrange that the dog must be put down, he was furious with me.

That same year we started meeting with my niece who is working at Checkers in Upington. She knew that we were staying with uncle “Baai” and that she could guarantee that we would not last longer than a month with uncle “Baai”. We wanted to know why and than she started telling us the horror of horrors that she actually made through with him. His sadistic, unthinkable methods of intimidation have destroyed her life. Boys, which were suppose to be in school, are on a daily basis there inside his room. Police are coming to the house continuously and taking the boys back to school. Crime started to be the order of the day. Her plates that he brakes, interfering with her daughter, the blood on the table, the disgusting dirty, bloody blankets which he threw in the bath, making the bath black with dirt. Arranging with his victims to break into the room that she and her daughter occupied and stealing her and her daughter’s things. By then, she also informed me how my aunt and her family, who lives in Kraaifontein (Cape Town), was horribley destroyed by this man. From my niece’s story, I realised that there is no way that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Because when he left Nababeep and what ever happened to him, he went to live with his sister. And there, he continued with the boys of Cape Town. My niece told me that my aunt even had to sell her house in order to get rid of him and the wrongs that he had done to the boys. I was shocked. The last straw was when he put his dog (the dog which I gave him because I was worried about his safety) onto her daughter when she came from school and the dog bit her  flesh from her body and when people called him he laughed about the incident. That was his final attempt to destroy my niece and her daughter. Strangers took the girl to hospital. She will never be able to wear shorts, mini skirts or even swimming close due to what uncle “Baai”did. Pieces of her flesh were still lying where the dog attacked her. He also set the dog on my niece and the dog almost tore her one breast off. Some of his victims were also severely bitten by his dog. What a fool I was to think that he was an old man who needed protection.


The above mentioned was informed to me, when my family and I already were living with him. (August 2010). Even some of the inhabitants of the community also informed us all about what my niece already told us. I asked them why they have not reported these horrors to someone, regarding this man. The answers they gave me rather made me more depressed.

When we started living with him, we noticed his abnormal lifestyle. First, he watched television with us, but he would always sit with his face almost against the television set. I asked him why does he watch TV like that and he told us it is because he has very bad sight. I told my wife that I do not believe him.Why? Because the next abnormal thing that he did was “walking” in the darkest of dark nights with his dogs, every night. We started to notice that he “walks” with the dogs almost the same time every night and then he stayed away for hours. The same pattern happened during the day. Every morning, almost the same time every morning (except on Sundays), he left the house to go to town, today, I know why. He was busy with “fishing children.”

Very soon, I have analyzed that everything that is happening to us, happened in the same pattern, he destroyed my niece and her daughter lives. He started by intimidating us by means of his septic life style, then he started with Sindoline (my adopted daughter). He had even made remarks on her personal hygiene. One night, she came to me with tears in her eyes telling me that uncle “Baai” told her that she does not wash herself thoroughly and that he wants to bath her to make sure that she is clean. My wife and I were furious and we disciplined him regarding this matter and he started breaking our kettles and our plates, etc. Meanwhile I arrange extra safety measures with my mother in law regarding Suney (my two year old daughter). She is the person who takes care of Suney when we go to work. Both my wife and I are teachers. During all of this horror that we went through with him, I continuously warned him that as a teacher I will expose him if he ever touched another child again. I could never allow him to know that he was actually slowly, but surely intimidating my family. We were starting to fear him. We were literally living in constant fear, because everything that is happening to us happened in the very same manner that it happened with my niece and her daughter. My mother in law regularly informed us that when we were at school boys were still coming to the house and so I started to do my own investigations and I started reporting these things to the police. (October 2010) I even went to the Child Protection Unit. But nobody ever followed up my information. November 2010, one of his victims came to this house. He actually told us his own horror experience with this monster. It is sad, but when I asked him why did he came back if what happened to him startled him. He said, he needed the money because the girl he is making a living with, has a girl (10 years old), who is mentally and physically ill and she has needs. To be honest even today I blame the system for that innocent 10 year old girl, who never will function normally, especially not in a normal household in the middle of a squatters’ camp. I promised the victim that I will help him no matter what. To me, his circumstances were critical. I called the police. Two young policemen came and took his statement but again nothing happened and so I actually started to give up. Luck was always on this monsters’ side. Meanwhile he was making our lives’ hell on earth with his sadistic methods. In April 2011, a policeman came to me regarding the selling of his car. I was interested and we started to talk business. I continuously asked him if he does not know someone to whom we can go who will actually do something about these cases against this monster. He also never gave me a solution at that stage. Then also in April 2011, when I came from school, my mother in law informed me that a boy came here because uncle “Baai” asked him to do so. She told the boy that he was not here, but in town and that he should leave and rather come back later when he will be here. That boy never left, because while she was busy hanging the washing, he entered the house and stole three cell phones of us. My baby was in the house alone with that thug. I was furious. I called the police, they never came. I realized and know that this monster was organizing with these boys to steal our stuff in the same manner he did with my niece. I was desperate for help so I called the policeman who sold his car to me. I told him that the monster I was talking about was living with us, actually I informed him more specific. The next day (It was on a Friday) he picked me up at school and I took him to possible victims (according my own investigations).We went to those boys’ school and they actually, for the first time, started speaking. They informed us that they knew about other boys also. That day we went to all of the victims and one by one the horror unfolded. One specific boy told us that on the Wednesday the monster told him that we as a family are disturbing him in his ways and means of operating. The same policeman and three others came to this house of horrors and found lots of pornographic material in the room he is occupying. He was arrested that same Friday in April 2011.These boys told us that he somehow manage to overpower them and then he shows them porn and then he sucks them and then he drinks their sperm in front of them from a cup. The same dog is used to attack if they do not want to abide. One boy even told us that this monster has such a demonic impact on him that before he knows he returns to him because he was always in need for money and this man gave them money and gifts in return for there sperms. Shocking thing is that the amount of money that he gives depends on the quantity of sperms that they give. This means that the more money they want, the longer this monster abuses them in one day. I was shocked, because the whole story is the same of what happened in Nababeep in the eighties. The Sunday an investigating officer came and took my statement. The investigating officer stayed in contact with me regularly and meanwhile more and more victims were found. In fact almost every street child in Upington was victims. By than I realized that his going to town every day was to “fish” and abuse. The investigating officer informed me that he found a person from Cape Town who told him that he was staying with the monster in Cape Town. He was a victim also. According to the investigating officer, this person confessed to him that uncle “Baai” had abused hundreds if not thousands of children in Cape Town also. Sometimes he had to watch. Now I know that after all these years, he never stopped. I also started to understand why my aunt, where he was staying by then, sold her house in order to get rid of her brother. One thing I do not understand is why she had not reported him to the police. I think I will never know. Meanwhile the investigating officer informed me that this monsters’ case is getting bigger and bigger on a daily base. More and more children have been found. Then something bad happened.

One of my brothers passed away. My eldest brother asked me to organise the funeral at my own expense. My life had come to a complete standstill. Death and a monster. I decided to book myself off for the rest of this quarter at school. Things were getting too much for me. On the 26 of April 2011 the monster appeared in court. I was relaxed and did not expect that he will be released out of prison. The commander of the child protection unit also assured me that his case will just roll over and that he has to apply for formal bail application. I did not even go to court, because I had been guaranteed that he will not be released. By 14hoo that same day I received a call from my sister who told me that uncle “Baai” was released on bail of R300, 00, without any bail conditions. I was shocked and furious and I phoned the commander of the child protection unit. She was also shocked and told me that she do not know what went wrong. Like I predicted he arrived here with shopping parcels and he was furious because he knew that I had exposed him. His anger was devastating and such a way that my wife, Sindoline and my baby got panic attacks, especially my baby. From a physical point of view I really do not fear him. He is an old man and I surely will be able to defend myself and my family, but am scared of his methods of sadism. I know that he will do anything to hurt us or even to kill us. I could not take any risks. I asked my wife to leave with the children and I will leave later because I even fear that he will destroy our belongings. That night I told him that what he is doing is wrong and that I will never stop until justice is done. I even told him that indirect am I also busy to actually help him because he cannot continue living this lie he is living. He is destroying innocent lives, including the lives of his own family. He did not listen to any reason. That night the police came and they actually referred to him as a “senior citizen.”I will never ever forget those two words and how those two words brought my life to an end. I then knew that his intelligence was superior and that he could use that as a mechanism to free him for ever.

I was still busy to organize my brothers’ funeral. On the 28th of 2011, I went to court to ask what happened. They could not give me a satisfactory answer. They told me to draw up a petition list. I did that all day long and all night long. I took the list back to the court. Meanwhile this monster is making our lives hell and as if nothing has happened, he just continued with his life in the very same manner as before. He is still going to town everyday.  I have realized that he really has no hart or feelings. On the 4th of May 2011 a boy came here again and informed my mother in law that he came on uncle “Baais’” request. After the boy told me everything, I took him to the commander of the child protection unit. His statement was also horrific and his statement revealed that he abuse the children even in public, I was shocked. That same day, I went to the funeral place and there the manager, who is also involved in the SPCA, told me that uncle Dick was also there to look at my brothers’ body and that she knew him. She started to inform me that she knew him due to the fact that they as the SPCA had a complaint once regarding his dogs. They followed up the complaint. Took away dogs and dogs or a dog that was pregnant. The puppies according to her were severely deformed. I believed her because I recall that since we moved there people will always scold him that he is “fucking” his dogs. Now I know that it was not only children whom he abused, but animals (dogs) also. At that stage I froze and again I realized that this man is actually very sick and dangerous. More than I originally thought. I also remembered that when we moved here, there were lots of dogs, but they were always bleeding from there noses and they had warts all around there mouths. Everything started to make sense. I cannot remember the date, but he was re-arrested after the funeral on the 7th 0f May 2011. On the 17th of May 2011, I went to court after the investigating officer told me to do so. When I arrived at court he had just been released. He was a free man again, a man who is, according to me and the investigating officer, one of South Africa’s most dangerous men. I could not believe my eyes. On 18th May 2011, he dumped all his bloody, dirty and septic blankets in the bath which we as a family use. Now I understood why my niece told me that she and her daughter never used the bathroom with him. I took pictures of the mess and called the police. The police came, I explained to them again. He resisted arrest and was taken away. Four or five hours later, he just came walking here again, despite the fact that I asked Colonel Fielies to please keep the man in custody. The situation has become very dangerous for us as a family. That day, he started to increase his sadistic attempts on us, messing with bloody entrails on the kitchen table and licking the kitchen table with his tongue. We have always feared for germs or bugs etc especially because of my baby. On 20th of May 2011, I noticed bees everywhere. The bathroom is on the stoop and the swarm of bees were specifically there. At first I thought that a swarm had maybe moved to the house, but I was wrong. I sprayed doom and then the bees minimised. I then saw a Marshmallow (sweets) on his fridge. I noticed that the bees were actually swarming towards the bag. I confronted him and warned him that his intimidation must stop but he obviously denied everything. When I removed the bag, the bees’ disappeared. Someone in the community informed me after I told him that it was farmers do to attract bees for pollination. They use sweet stuff in their fields. Now he is using nature to make our life hell. On Saturday 21 May 2011, I saw how my two dogs were bringing in dead birds and doves into the house, tearing the birds apart and when I went outside, dead birds and doves were lying everywhere. Even on the neighbours’ roof also. I just knew that he was behind this. These things never happened before. I even informed the police about that. I went to court and got an interdict against him. Meanwhile I had gone to “Die Gemsbok” and “Die Son” for help. These are small newspapers. It was in “Die Gemsbok” where I saw your name and your work. I was desperate and so I called you, I cannot remember precisely when, but I called you. I just saw in my diary that I contacted you on the 26th of May 2011. From the 4th of May 2011, I have decided to record my daily horrors in a diary. There must be someone that can help. On Friday, 27th of May 2011, afternoon, I woke up from the smell of smoke in the house. Again I confronted him. Again I called the police and I had to beg them to just remove this man from the premises. The next day, he just came back. On Sunday, the 26th of May 2011, my wife informed me that my sister told her on Mxit that she and my youngest brother also had been molested by him. My youngest brother died since. I felt like killing him once and for all, because now I realized that in Nababeep he must have destroyed us as brothers and sisters. I suddenly realize why we as a family do not even really care about one another. There is not really love. We are just brothers and sisters. Even today, I have not told my mother yet about what my sister informed my wife about and she accordingly informed me. My sister even told my wife that someone noticed this monster in the early hours (03h00hrs) on Sunday morning in Progress, near my mothers house. I remember how I once scolded him by saying that he is not just a paedophile, but also a vampire. On the same Sunday, someone informed me that he was sitting in church as if he is the holiest of holy people. I could not believe that people are still falling for his betrayal towards mankind. That same day the investigating officer told me that he had a warrant for his arrest.

My life has totally been shattered. I even wanted to file a divorce and I even asked my wife to take the children and stay with her mother but she refused. She is still supporting me, but I can see that even she is starting to fall apart. We have been emotionally crushed. We are financially crushed and Sindoline and Suney are not the same anymore. We have even asked churches to pray for us. We cannot move because we are financially ruined. I cannot even buy Nappies for Suney or even food for us. I cannot even afford an e-mail to you, but I will try. To me, everybody just listens, and nobody helps. Above all the car that I bought broke. I must go and try for a loan in order for us to survive. Personally, I realized that the devil really does not admire me and my wife. Obstacles are coming from nowhere. But we will not allow Satan to beat us with this round. I believe that very soon we as a family will be back on our feet again. These chains just have to be broken.

I admire the investigating officer for his devotion towards this case. I once asked him “How do you feel, when listening to all of these horrors?”He answered “I try my best to cope.”I am doing this to save any more children from harm. I do this to hopefully repay my family for what this man has done to almost every member of his own family. Within nine months he destroyed my life. I am doing this for the people of the Northern Cape, Upington and in-fact the whole country. This man is evil, and I believe that he is contributing to the creation of a new generation of paedophiles in South Africa.

Above all I am doing all this to protect my own daughters from harm. To be honest especially my baby, named Suney Dick. Why?, because she is different. I was there when she was born. The doctors in the theatre told me that she is different than millions of other babies. At first I thought that something was seriously wrong, just to find out that my wife and I had been blessed with an angel. According to the doctor she had been born with certain emotions they observed the very first minute of her life outside her mothers womb. I could not believe it. When she was three months old, she started to speak sentences. When she was twelve months old, she told me and I quote: “Daddy, I am going to be a scientist one day. I am going to America and work at NASA and I am going to build spaceships.” We believe she is an indigo child. She even calls this monster an old stupid paedophile. I just want Suney to become a scientist. Some learners in grade 12 sometimes do not even know what or who they want to be, she knows. I just MUST apply to her dreams. People do not understand that I am desperate for justice. I cannot allow this monster to destroy her or my family. I am broken, but I WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE END. All these obstacles will pass by.

He has been arrested again on Monday, 30 May 2011. I think he is currently in Upington prison. The investigating officer informed me that he will appear in court on 02 June 2011. I went to court just to found out from the head prosecutor that he is due to appear in court on the 08th of June 2011 and not on the 2nd of June. That day, the car broke. The devil really dislikes me. Personally, I think he will walk out of court again. I just don’t know anymore. I want to leave this house, but I am unfortunately stranded without the proper finances. I don’t think I will survive one more of his unthinkable sadistic methods. Everywhere I go, I just hear about his rights, noboby cares about my and my family’s rights. I am sick and tired of this. I do not even know if I am aloud to inform you, because the monster has rights. I don’t care anymore. I also have rights. Actually I fear that he his going to poison us. He did poison the birds and the doves.

I hope I have remembered everything I needed to tell you. Steve, I believe you do understand and I also believe that you will listen, and will do something to help us. I am even willing to tell our story to the international community as well. I just want to save every child that I can save from this monster. If you need anything from me, just contact me. I will help where ever I have to help. To be honest even airtime has become a luxury to me.

Steve, thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you very soon. Blessings to you and may God always be with you.

Yours sincerely

Hyney Dick

Caring regards from

Buddy (The Beach Buggy)


Me’ (Steve Heath)

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