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May '11

Blog 31 – Buddy and Me Project 3 (7th -12th May 2011)

Posted by Julia

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Who Is Steve Heath
A Message To The President of South Africa.
Factors Contributing To The Increase In Child Rape.
A Proposed Solution To Stopping The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children in SA.

To watch Buddy and Me in real time click here, select South Africa under “Global Fleet Logins:” in the left hand panel, enter cellphone number 0822549129 and password Buddy.

To make a donation to or information on any of the organisations involved in assisting victims of child rape and abuse, please click on one of the following links:

Bobbi Bear Foundation (KwaZulu-Natal)
The Teddy Bear Clinic (Gauteng)
The TygerBear Foundation (Western Cape)
GRIP (Mpumalanga)
StepThru (Gauteng)

Well it’s great to be back on the project again and ♫On the road again♫ with Buddy, and my first stop in Paternoster, although a bit heart wrenching with great memories of the place, I actually spent some time here on the first project as well as a few days in the area from the 14th to the 17th March, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. At the time of my visit in March I met up with the police in Vredenberg who handle cases from Paternoster and I was told that “child rape does not occur in the Paternoster area” and at the time thought “Ya right I’ve heard that before”.

Well subsequent to my visit, I received a phone call from a lady in Paternoster who had seen my ‘Buddy and Me’ project flyer/brochure and asked if it would be possible to meet with me and so it was for this reason, well one of them, that I returned to Paternoster. My discussion with her as well as two other ladies of the local community confirmed my belief that the information provided by the Vredenberg police was not quite, in fact not anywhere close to, the truth. According to members of the community I spoke to, the rape and sexual abuse of children is occurring on a regular basis in the form of incest and is, as usual, a forbidden topic to talk about, hence the police act like Ostriches and bury their heads in the sand convincing themselves that they are doing a great job in stopping or preventing the rape and sexual abuse of children.

My stay in Paternoster was courtesy of the ‘Paternoster Hotel

So meet Giorelo Carasini owner of the ‘Paternoster Hotel’ who very kindly helped me with accommodation.

A really great hotel to stay in when visiting Paternoster.

From Paternoster, Monday morning, I headed out of Paternoster in very thick and very cold misty conditions. The drive to lamberts Bay was a really great one, well initially that is, with the road following the coast for most of the way, but unfortunately I was given a bit of ‘wrong’ information when leaving Paternoster and was told that I must take the ‘coastal‘ road to Lamberts Bay as opposed to driving the longer route to the N7 highway. I was told, emphatically that the ‘coastal’ road was tarred all the way to Lamberts Bay. Well that turned out to be garbage because the last 17 kilometres turned out to be a very badly corrugated gravel road which took ‘Buddy and Me’ a very uncomfortable one hour and 17 minutes to complete. This sign,

 got me thinking about our roads department? 

 On arriving in town I first stopped off at the Lamberts Bay Hotel to wash down the dust from the lousy gravel road, and was approached by the General Manager of the hotel Annette Kleinhans who on seeing Buddy and hearing about the project insisted on providing me with accommodation.

So meet Annette Kleinhans GM of the Lamberts Bay Hotel, many thanks Annette for your kind friendship and hospitality.

I had a really great and informative chat with another very dedicated police lady in the form of Constable Anneke Schreuder who heads up the ‘Victim Empowerment Centre’ at the police station in Lamberts Bay. She told me of a very recent case in the Lamberts Bay area, or rather in the near-by farming area, which involved the brutal rape of a 7 year-old little boy by three boys aged between 7 and 9 years of age, and now for the really scary part of the storey.

In-spite of the fact that the 7 year-old was severely and brutally raped by means of a stick being forced into him by the three little savages, which obviously caused extensive internal injuries, not to mention the extreme mental trauma the child was exposed to, because of the new ‘Child Justice Act’ the three savages cannot be prosecuted and so get away scot free! ‘The Act’ claims that a child under the age of 10 years of age cannot be held responsible for their actions because they are incapable of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

My problem with this is the fact that the little boy was threatened with his life by the three little savages who threatened to kill him if he told anyone, well because of the injuries he sustained he did not have to tell anyone, but I’m sorry, when someone threatens to kill someone if he/she “tells’ anyone else, then the individual doing the threatening knows very well that what he/she did was wrong!

 Two very dedicated police officials, Warrant Officer Francoise Pieterse – Fafa to his friends – and Constable Anneke Schreuder, and oh yes that ‘other’ guy that was there.

Constable Schreuder confirmed that the rape and sexual abuse of children, especially in the surrounding farming districts, is occurring on a large scale but also confirmed that the cases are not being reported to the police. She fully agreed with my sentiments on the reasons why mothers are not reporting the rape and sexual abuse of their children and concurred that if the Thuthuzela Care Centres were established in the manner I propose in my ‘Proposal for a Solution’ link on my website, this would undoubtedly encourage the mothers to report these cases and will ultimately lead to eradicating the scourge of child rape from our society.

To press home her point, Constable Schreuder confirmed that apart from her and 5 volunteer ‘counsellors’ from the community, who by the way have not had so much as 1 minutes training in counselling, there is absolutely no support structure whatsoever for child rape victims or, for that matter, victims of domestic violence in general, which because of the monstrous drug (Tick) and alcohol problem in the area, is running rampant.

I met a really incredibly friendly guy in the form of Neels Kloppers who hails from Kempton Park (Jo’burg) and who has taken a month’s break and is ridding his motor cycle, a Marauder, around the circumference of South Africa. So the evening was spent braaing at his camp, where much beer and wine was consumed of course and the conversation was great.

I did manage to squeeze in a visit to the really interesting ‘Bird Island’ where one can learn an amazing amount about the ‘White Gold’ industry which involves the ‘farming’ of ‘Guano’ which is the bird droppings from this breed of bird in particular

 the ‘Kelp Gull’.

Bird Island.

 Looking back at the waterfront from the same view point on the pier to Bird Island.

After bidding farewell to Neels and Tiela (Husband of the owner of the Lamberts Bay Hotel Mariette Breutenbach who unfortunately was away at the time) I headed out of Lamberts Bay and had a thoroughly enjoyable drive through to, first, Vredendal, and then on to Strandfontein and Doorn Baai.

Tiela (right of picture) nicknamed Neels and I “The Travelling Hill Billy’s” and now looking at the photo I can fully understand why.

Now down to some serious business. In my last blog (Blog 30) I mentioned a case involving the rape of a three year-old little girl – Lamb – who it has been alleged, was raped while attending a nursery school in Melk Bos, 30 kilometres outside of Cape Town.

This evidently occurred on the 16th of March this year, but, because the ‘system’, as I have been told by ‘Lambs’ father, does not allow a docket/case number to be registerred unless the ‘victim’ makes a statement, to date no case has officially been opened!!

Here is the mother’s story:

Goeie Dag

Ek is ‘n ontnugterde mamma. My dogterjite van 3 en ‘n half

is by ‘n Pre-Primere skool in Melkbosstrand seksueel ge-


Tot my ontnugtering is die Polisie se Kinder Beskermings

Eenheid nie regtig lus om my te help nie………

Ek het nog ‘n Mamma gesmeek om haar dogterjie te vat

vir ‘n florensiese ondersoek; wat wel toe bevestig het

dat sy ook mee gepeuter is.

Ons het 2 J88’s (dokters verslag) nou. Die Polisie kan ons 

nie meer ignorer nie, maar ‘n verbasende 2 weke het verloop 

vandat die 2de Mamma die verslag gekry het.

Die ander groot probleem is dat die samelewing on-“ingelig”

is, as ‘n dogterjie ‘n rooi koekie het neem die ouers hul na 

‘n gewone dokter of gynea toe wat hul dan meedeel dit

is ‘n ligte blaas infeksie of van te veel suur (te veel tamaties

of lemoene geeet) wat die kind geeet het!!

Net ‘n Florensiese Distrik Dr kan die ondersoek doen. Dis

al wat hul doen die hele dag lank. 

Kan jul asb. my help en ‘n artikel plaas oor tekens, prosedure,

nommers ens. wat gevolg moet word in dien ouers vermoed

hul kind word gemolesteer.

Ek voel ons as samelewing moet almal saam die saak (waaroor

niemand wil praat en hul koppe anderkant toe draai…) aanpak

en mense bewus maak dis OK om die bul by die horings te pak

en die onmoontlike te doen om die “varke” in die tronk te kry!!!!!

Help my asb.

‘n Harseer en ontnugterde Mamma

 An email from the same mother:

Hi Steve

I would like your input on this one…

Find attached my 1 page “step-by-step”

-what to do.

My aim; to reach as many parents as

possible, to make them aware what

one needs to do (This was an idea of mine

because I wasted so many time & money by

doing the wrong things and nobody could or

would really help me!)






  1. When you think something is wrong – THERE IS! MOTHERS DO HAVE A SIXTH SENSE – USE IT. Go to www.stopitnow.org/warning signs.


  1. Go to your nearest Police Station; make a statement on behalf of your child, in order to get a case number.


  1. Ask the Child Protection Unit to make an

Appointment with a forensic District Doctor,

In order to examined your child and to get your

J88 filled in. (A J88 is a medical form you need

for the child abuse case).





  1. Ask the Child Protection Unit to make an appointment for your child with a Forensic Social Worker in order to get a statement from the child.


  1. Ask the Child Protection Unit to make an appointment with a Social Worker for your child for play therapy.


  1. Do not under estimate the importance of play therapy – the children need the therapy.


  1. Phone Tyger Bear Clinic, the Trauma Centre or Rapcan if you need any assistance or help.




To Steve

I have a 3year old daughter who was raped. We have already started with therapy.

This case will only go to court in two or three years. The current act on child abuse will not be protecting my child, because the court will summon her to testify then. All I want to say is that our current law will then abuse her even further by putting her through the same trauma again. A 3 year old will not be able to remember all details like asked in court. Why can’t the original testimony and the testimony of the parents be used in court? The J88 should also be enough. But the judicial system in our country allows the perpetrator to get away, by putting a child through the same abuse all over again.

 The people who write the law in this country is politicians and lawyers, it is as good as asking a prostitute to write the law on prostitution. Not one of the political parties running for the election are doing anything to stop child abuse. The police are under staffed and the people involved do not even have the right training.

The current law allows me to take the government to court for child abuse, because they are repeating the trauma. In two years you can be so far ahead with the healing process and then the courts puts everybody through the same trauma again.

What is a government worth if they can’t even protect our kids against their system?

Our kids are our future. We need to protect them and get the perpetrators in jail.

The reason why most paedophile cases do not get reported is because the parents are acting with in their rights to protect the child. Yes they are protecting them against a system which will not stop traumatizing their children and benefits the perpetrator.

A note to all the parents out there: Sue the government for child abuse, if it happens to your child. It is your duty to report child abuse, by law you have to do it and by law your child will get abused again.

Just a brief note for the government, government to be and youth leagues: You can mess up, by setting bad examples for our kids, in the media, because we as parents in this country can still guide our kids, because we only see children and not colour or racism. We only see kids!

Father of ‘Lamb’

I don’t suppose I have to tell you how pissed off these parents are about the ‘system’ and ‘Lambs’ father expressed his anger about the system by telling me that he firmly believes that the government should be taken to task for the abuse they are inflicting on the children by subjecting them to this absurd ‘system’ and I absolutely agree with him. It is an atrocity that a case cannot be opened / registered based on a statement made by a mother in instances where a child, under the age of 6 at least, has told the mother what occurred and is incapable of talking or confiding in a police official – stranger.

Another point which was raised, and I will be seeking legal expert advice on this point, is the fact that it is believed that the ‘system/law’ as in the ‘Childs Rights Act’, protects the parent / mother against prosecution in terms of section 54 of ‘Act 32/2007 – The Sexual Offences Act’ – the compulsory reporting of the rape or sexual abuse in instances where an individual is made aware of such rape or sexual abuse – I have been told that the ‘Childs Rights Act’ protects a mother / parent from being prosecuted in terms of section 54 in the fact that the parent can claim “that by not reporting the matter is acting in the best interests of the child”, in other words by not subjecting the child to the trauma of being exposed to ‘the system’. I would sincerely appreciate any comments anyone has on this point.

I loved a point which was raised recently in a discussion, which was “Actions have consequences but the ‘system’ is failing this philosophy”. I believe that by changing the law and allowing a mother / parent to provide the initial statement on the facts of the case as told to her / him by the child in order to open a case, and by establishing the Thuthuzela Care Centres in the manner I have proposed in my ‘Proposal for a Solution’ link on this website, the scourge of child rape would be reduced dramatically if not eradicated completely from our society.

On a lighter point, on arriving in Doorn Baai, I was invited to a braai by the sister of a friend in Jo’burg,

and so my first night in Doorn Bai was a very festive one, so thanks Sharleen Fitzpatrick (White jersey) and daughter Sacha (seated on left of picture), as well as Leon and Lisa Van Duyker and Tanya ?

So that I think is enough writing for this blog, and so on Sunday I will be heading for Upington where I will once again be hosted accommodation in the lovely Upington Protea Hotel, talk about being spoilt!

So until next I write, keep well, stay safe, and of course keep all children safe!

Caring regards from

Buddy (The Beach Buggy)


Me’ (Steve Heath)

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