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Aug '09

Day 23: Monday, 24 August 2009

Posted by steve@buddyandme.co.za

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Today, Monday 24th, was a relatively quiet day in Piet Retief. I got to speak to a couple of groups of people around the town and received pretty much the same response I have everywhere else – the problem of child rape is very bad and the public I spoke to seem to be pretty exasperated with the failure of the police to sort the problem out. For the first time since starting this project, the people here seem to think that the police “Just don’t care”. That is really quite worrying, because wherever I have travelled I have been told that the police are not sufficiently trained to properly investigate the crime of child rape but never have I been told that the public are of the opinion that the police just don’t care! Perhaps this is verified by the fact that when approached for an interview, the response from the police department was that everyone is too busy, busy doing what exactly I would like to know. The other response from the people I spoke to was that the Welfare is too under-capitalised to actually be of any use. This is of course is the same problem throughout the country, so nothing new there.

I was given some useful information by Captain Paizer in Pongola which I forgot to share with Mrs. Govender in Clairwood whose 8 year-old daughter, if you remember, was raped by their 17 year-old neighbour (who was released on R500-00 bail and is continuously intimidating and basically scaring the hell out of the little girl). She has been to the police and nothing has been done to solve the matter. The kid is probably scared stiff of giving evidence, and then we, or rather the powers that be, wonder why our conviction rate is at a ridiculous 4%. Well Mrs. Govender you can contact the ICD (Independent Complaints Directive). I am told that this is an organisation set up and paid for by the Dutch/Holland, can you believe it! a foreign country sponsoring a complaints department in South Africa, and they will, I am told, definitely take the matter up and sort it out.

Another bit of news which I forgot to mention, mainly because I was so annoyed about it I was pushing it to the back of my mind… For those who have been reading my blog, while in Pinetown I bought a new lap top computer which did not work from day one and which after paying cash for was returned on the same day. Well finally after a little over two weeks I have received my new computer. Beares collected it from PC Zone in Sanlam centre Pinetown and had it couriered to me. So to the staff of Beares heartfelt thanks in helping sort the problem out, hell PC Zone would never have had it couriered to me, not with the terrible service they provide.

Well tomorrow I head out for Ermelo and hopefully we can get some good news and discover that the authorities there are doing something special and that child rape is not occurring in their district, definitely wishful thinking.

So until next time
Caring regards
Steve & Buddy

Piet Retief staff

Piet Retief staff


Store manager Annetjie Pretorius, who wasn’t available for the group picture

Store manager Annetjie Pretorius, who wasn’t available for the group picture

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