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Aug '09

Day 15: Sunday, 16 August 2009

Posted by steve@buddyandme.co.za

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So Saturday proved to be a really great day for us Shark supporters, so to all the Lion supporters SORRY… (sorry Gail, I had to put that in) I watched the game at a super pub in Richards Bay called The Stallions Pub in Meerensee and got to meet one of the owners, Earl Rae Chivers, known to everyone as Rae. We got into an interesting conversation about child rape and child abuse in general and he said something that hit deep and has been on my mind ever since. His comment was made after he told me that the one thing that really annoys him is when parents bring their young kids into the bar, especially small babies and spend the evening dancing and drinking leaving their kids to sleep on the chairs or on the floor. He related a story about one guy in particular who came into the bar with his wife and a small baby and after getting good and solidly smashed was dancing while the baby slept on a make-shift bed between the chairs. When he confronted the guy, this imbecile said “It’s my child so I can do whatever I want with it.” Rae’s response was “Children don’t belong to anyone; you were only given the privilege of being a part of its birth and given the privilege of raising it.” I thought this was such an amazing statement and so true, so Rae thank you for that, I think a lot of parents should heed those wise words.

But as I said, after watching the Sharks kick ass, I headed back to camp, collected my rods, tackle and bait and headed for the harbour area where I proceeded to feed the fish (as you guessed I didn’t catch anything) but I live by the motto “A bad days fishing is better than a good day in the office”.

I would also like to tell you that yesterday, while in town, I saw what was undoubtedly the worst case of child abuse I have ever seen in my life, in fact it hurts just thinking about it. I saw this baby – it could not have been more than a year old, who was forced by its parents to wear a Bulls rugby jersey, I mean how cruel can a parent be! Oh and by the way, my chicken curry was great even after I had had two helpings of probably the best Brianne (I think that’s how you spell it) I have ever tasted at Stallions Pub. Soon after the game ended, a young lady entered the pub selling cute little teddy bears and other goodies. I saw a small tiger which I thought would be a neat thing to buy for May and then spotted a small lion which I thought Gail (for all her hard work posting my diaries to my blog) might enjoy, a small token of appreciation for the effort her Lions team made to try and give the Sharks a decent game!!

And so on to today (Sunday) which was a relaxing day, no serious discussions about child rape (well relaxing after spending the morning cleaning Buddy and doing my washing) with the absolutely crazy guys and their wives from Round Table. I arrived at Richard and Nilcola Stone’s house (Richard is the Chairman of the local Round Table Club) in Richard’s bay at 11am. Soon a whole bunch of Round Tablers arrived and the day began. This crazy bunch of people are putting on a stage show in Empangeni which follows a tradition going on for something like thirty odd years, and the show starts in about three weeks time. Richard is going to e-mail me the details of the show which I will put on my blog and everyone who is anywhere close to the Empangeni area should seriously consider making an effort to see the show, not only because all the ticket sales and income generated from the show will be going to charity, but because its really good.

So while all the Round Tablers were busy painting the back drop, (and of course indulging in a frostie or six) I was helping reduce the number of Millers on hand and acting as consulting engineer. Then came the rehearsal and this put the cherry on the top for me, I can’t remember having laughed so much. By the time I eventually bid my farewells I had a stomach ache from laughing, a truly great bunch of people. So to all the Round Tablers here in Richards Bay/Empangeni, thank you for a truly magical day.


So now, 7pm, I’m going to take my rods and head down to the waters of Richards Bay and try to catch that elusive ‘Big one’. So until tomorrow when I will be visiting the Richards Bay Beares store and meeting lots of interesting people, Buddy and I say good night.

Here’s an interesting thought…

Hopefully, this is NOT the way our currency is going...

Hopefully, this is NOT the way our currency is going...

Caring regards
Buddy and Me

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