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Aug '09

Day 14: Saturday, 15 August 2009

Posted by steve@buddyandme.co.za

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I’m back and although I have not managed to rid myself of the bug that has infested my body, I feel on top of the world, the reason being that Buddy has had a ‘bug’ since way back when we were in darkest Africa on the African Odyssey – Searching for a solution to Child Rape days. He had a bad rattle from the engine compartment that could be heard from kilometres away and many people have tried to rid him of the irritating noise, but to date nobody could. While staying with Monica and Peter here in Richards Bay, Peter told me that he knew of only one person who was qualified enough to sort the problem out, and that is Frank Van Der Merwe of Frank’s Services here in Richards Bay. So this morning (Saturday) I located his premises at 15 Pinkie Pool Street in Meerensee, Richards Bay and soon after being welcomed in and after a second of hearing the noise – more like racket – he identified the problem as being a missing alternator strap/bracket. He located one in his house of tricks (workshop) and within minutes the problem was solved. He, being an expert of note, also decided that Buddy wasn’t sounding completely healthy and so fiddled with this and fiddled with that and soon Buddy was sounding like I have never heard him sound in my life. All his bugs have been cleared up and he is as right as rain. So now I am happy as a pig in its favourite pool. On top of this, Frank refused to accept payment for the job. Hell, if I have ever met anyone who has worked on Buddy, Frank deserved to hit me with a bill of note. So to Frank Van Der Merwe and your wonderful family you have Buddy and my eternal thanks.

After leaving Frank’s place I was forced to go into Richards Bay and do the task I hate most, ask May she will tell you, and that is shopping. But with Buddy sounding like a million Dollars I pulled into the Pick n’ Pay Centre and completed this lousy task, but I have all the goodies I need to eat while on the road for about a week, as well as all the necessary goodies to cook a chicken curry when I’m finished writing this blog and then follow it up with a couple of cold Millers while watching the Sharks kick butt against the Lions!!

While walking to Buddy loaded with my purchases, I received a call from a Mrs Govender of Clairwood who told me a very sad story of her daughter’s recent rape. Her daughter – 8 years old – was raped by their 17 year old neighbour. Unfortunately the rape was only discovered 4 days later, and so has made the case weaker. The really bad part is that this (I still don’t know what to call them) ….. was granted R500-00 bail and is still living next door. Obviously the little girl is terrified and the intimidation is ridiculous. No wonder we only have a 4% conviction rate in South Africa. She has promised to e-mail the details of the case and to keep me informed of the proceedings.

My campsite, Richards Bay

My campsite, Richards Bay

Frank Van Der Merwe

Frank Van Der Merwe

Until next time – Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the skies.

Caring regards
Buddy and Me

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