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Apr '10

Day 197: Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Posted by steve@buddyandme.co.za

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My updated itinerary for Namibia and Botswana, to the end of the tour.

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To make a donation to or information on any of the organisations involved in assisting victims of child rape and abuse, please click on one of the following links:

Bobbi Bear Foundation (KwaZulu-Natal)
The Teddy Bear Clinic (Gauteng)
The TygerBear Foundation (Western Cape)
GRIP (Mpumalanga)
StepThru (Gauteng)

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks because ‘Buddy and Me’ will be taking a well earned break and when I return to Cape Town I hope to have arrangements finalised to be able to present my proposal on what I believe needs to be done to stop the raping of children in South Africa.

Once I have accomplished this, ‘Buddy and Me’ will be heading up the West Coast to Namibia, so before I start my break, here is the details of factor 6 of my proposal on what needs to be done to stop the rape of children in South Africa, and once again I must emphasise that this project is focused on the sexual abuse and rape of children in the birth to 12 years of age, age group.

Factor 6

The prison, or ‘The Department of Correctional Services’ as our government prefers to call them. (Personally I think it should be called “The Department of Recreational Services)

To start with I would like to comment on a statement which was made by the Minister of police a couple of months ago, when he said on national television as well as was quoted in the national newspapers, that he will soon be referred to as a ‘General’ and the reason for this, according to him, is because the ‘South African Police Service’ will soon be reverting to being a ‘police force’. He went on to say that the reason behind the decision to revert to a police force is because criminals appear to be considering the ‘police service’ a soft unit, where as the ‘police force’ is perceived as being a ‘hard assed crime fighting unit’ which in his opinion will be a deterrent to criminals.

Now quite honestly I fully agree with him, it’s just a pity that they did not consider this fact before spending the hundreds of millions of Rands, tax payer’s hard earned money by the way, in changing the name in the first place. Secondly, just as I agree with the esteemed ministers point of view on that fact, I believe that the same applies to our ‘Correctional Services’ facilities. The ‘Correctional Services’ is being perceived as being soft.

Probably the best way for me to explain what I believe needs to be done, as well as probably the vast majority of citizens of South Africa believe, is that government/politics is like any business and can even be compared to sport. Every businessman or woman must have a business plan and this also applies to sport, in that the coach must provide his team with a ‘game plan’.

The ‘business plan’, if the businessman or woman wants to succeed, must be reviewed on a constant and regular basis to avoid the total collapse or liquidation of his or her business, and this applies to sport as well. If a coach sees that his game plan is not working, he sends the ‘medic’ on with the magic water bottle and relays a message to the Captain of the team to change to ‘game plan B’ to avoid the team getting a hiding. I believe this should apply to government and politics as well.

Our government applied the ‘Rehabilitation programme’ some 12 years ago. Unfortunately it has not worked and the proof of this is in the fact that child rape has escalated to a totally unacceptable and horrific degree and so it’s time to change the ‘game plan/business plan’.

There is a large proportion of our society who, no matter how comfortable the ‘correctional services’ facilities are, or what studies or tertiary studies can be achieved for free while being detained, do not want to be sent there. This is because they are honest, peace loving individuals who enjoy spending time with their families, loved ones and socialising with their friends. However, there is a very large portion of our society who is not perturbed about being sent to our ‘correctional services’ facilities because it is easier in there than trying to survive out on the streets.

South Africa is experiencing criminals being convicted for the 4th, 5th and in many instances up to 6 times for the same and in many instances worse crimes – and so I believe that this sector of our society I am referring to, benefits from their crimes while committing crimes of robbery, rape murder etc, while in the process destroying other honest peace loving individuals lives, and when they eventually get caught don’t mind in the least, because they will benefit further by the ‘rehabilitation programme’ implemented by the South African government while in ‘detention’ in the ‘Correctional Services’ facilities.

While in Kimberly, I was given the opportunity to visit what government is referring to as “South Africa’s – New Generation Correctional Services Faculties”. After seeing it, I believe that if the fence is removed, the facilities could be turned into a very up market hotel facility. I have been told that another facility is currently in the process of being built in the district of Nigel in the Mpumalanga province and that although the exact cost could not be provided; it is believed that the cost of each facility is in the region of hundreds of millions of Rands.

Now what really gets my goat, is the fact that the money being spent on providing child rape victims with a professionally managed support structure, as in the Thuthuzela Care Centres, is a drop in the ocean compared to that being spent on facilities to ensure that the rapists and other scum and savages of our country who insist on destroying the lives of children and honest folk, are comfortable, and to provide them with a ‘rehabilitation programme’ to ensure that they do not get bored while serving their time, being fed, clothed, provided with free counselling, sporting facilities and whatever other activities are provided while on the ‘rehabilitation programme’.

I believe that it is time government, once again, realises the fact that they have boobooed, and once again revert to the ‘Prison’ system where on being convicted for a crime against society, that individual must be given a sentence which is considered to be a deterrent punishment, and not encourage them to commit crimes and benefit by being sent on ‘rehabilitation programs’.

As an example of this, I was provided details of a specific case which involved a savage who raped an 8 year old little girl and on being convicted was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment or as the system calls it, detention in a ‘Correctional services’ facility where he underwent counselling. He was released ‘on parole’ after having served a mere 7 years of his sentence and because of all of the time on his hands, having his food cooked for him, his washing done for him etc, he studied, at the expense of the tax payers of South Africa, and obtained no fewer than three degrees from UNISA.

The parents of the 8 year old little girl, whose life he destroyed, could not afford her school fees, and battled to earn enough money to feed and clothe her never mind send her to varsity to study. Secondly the police officer who arrested this savage, had his or her life on the line while earning a peanut salary trying to protect little girls and boys from savages like him, so I ask you, who benefited most by this savages sick act. Oh sorry I nearly forgot to finish the story, 18 months after being released and after having under gone extensive counselling while in the ‘Correctional Services’ and after being released, he was rearrested and convicted on the rape of two more small kids, one being a 5 year old little girl and the other a 6 year old little boy. I rest my case!

In conclusion, I believe that the government has to seriously look at the current punishment system and implement a deterrent punishment and it is my humble opinion that in order to establish what punishment system should be applied to savages who rape children, the government should allow the public to make this decision.

On the 17th March 1992, the previous ‘Apartheid’ South African government held a referendum in which the ‘White’ governing public was asked to vote yes or no to the changes the government was proposing. These changes involved the release of Nelson Mandela and the un-banning of the ANC. This referendum led to the massive changes of the status quo of the country and the fact that the ANC in now the governing body of South Africa.

I believe that our present government needs to allow the South African public to once again make the decision as to what punishment should be handed down to an individual who rapes a child who is under the age of 12 years of age. It is also my humble opinion that this referendum should be in the following form:

Question: What do you, as a citizen of South Africa, consider to be a just punishment for a person who rapes or sexually abuses a child who at the time of the offence was under the age of 12 years of age.

1) Death penalty
2) 45 years imprisonment without the possibility of parole or early release for any reason whatsoever
3) Continue with the present system – rehabilitation programme

I’m pretty sure everyone can guess what would get the most votes, however my personal opinion is that especially in the cases of fathers and other family members in particular being the rapists, they should be imprisoned for life, as in for the rest of their natural life, and be forced to serve their time on work farms and factory prisons generating their own food and clothing (Why should tax payers hard earned money be spent feeding and clothing them) as well as food and clothing for their families.

I would also like to conclude this blog with the following statement. We often hear the phrase “He or she can do that because it’s his or her ‘culture’”, when referring to the slaughter and in-human killing of animals etc not to mention even when it comes to rape. Well I believe that firstly, too often it is allowed to be used as an escape route, because these individuals usually choose what aspects of their ‘culture’ they enjoy and practise, and what aspects of their ‘culture’ they don’t enjoy and discard. I further believe that “we must never forget our culture, but we don’t have to live it’. We must however live according to the rules of today’s society, and these change from time to time as our societies progress.

But on this point, we often hear members of our government using the phrase, “It’s our ‘culture’” but I would like to remind them that the death penalty was within their culture as well, the history surrounding the rock at ‘Chakas Rock’ on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast bares witness to this, hence my comment in the previous paragraph.

The details of the factors which I have provided in the last few blog’s is shortened versions of the details provided in my proposal for what I believe needs to be done to stop the rape and sexual abuse of children under the age of 12 years of age in South Africa, and so I would sincerely appreciate your comments on what you believe needs to be added or removed, so please contact me via my e-mail, I would dearly like to receive your comments.

So now ‘Buddy and Me’ will be taking a short break for about two weeks, and then will be back on our crusade to stop the rape of children in our beautiful country, South Africa. So until then, cheers for now, stay safe and above all KEEP ALL CHILDREN SAFE!

Caring regards from
‘Buddy and Me’ (Steve Heath)
Here it is, the email address you must send your comments and opinions to: steve@buddyandme.co.za

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