Blog 58 – Buddy and Me (18th November 2011)

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On the 7th August 1995 Devapregasen Munsamy, a piece of human garbage, was convicted and sentenced to 60 years for the rape and brutal murder of 10 year-old Natasha Sukdeo. Now a mere 16 years later, the State, our South African government system, in the form of the Correctional Services Parole Board, believes that he has “suffered enough” and is insistent on releasing him back into society to do the same thing to yet another innocent child.

Perhaps our esteemed government and their system should consider the fact that this piece of human waist brutally took away the life of an innocent small child, depriving her the opportunity of becoming ‘someone special’ and took away her mothers chance of watching her baby girl grow up and become ‘someone special’, unlike the piece of garbage he proved to his mother and father he is.

Here then is Natasha’s mother’s story and plea to the esteemed Minister of Correctional Services to keep this piece of garbage in jail.

It has been confirmed that the parole board hearing for his release will be heard on the 24th November 2011 (6 days time).

I, as I am sure you as parents and law abiding citizens of South Africa do, hope that sense and justice prevails and that he is kept in jail to rot like the piece of garbage he is.

The Chairperson/ Minister of Correctional Services

Correctional Supervision and Parole Board

Regional Prison Services

Dear Sir/Madam

Representation to the Correctional Supervision and Parole Board

I am a 45 year old female living in Bayview, Chatsworth.

I am the mother of the victim in the case in which Mr Devapregasen Munsamywas sentenced to 60 years for the abduction, rape, torture and murder on 07/08/1995 in Durban High Court in case no:

The possible release of the offender should be considered with due cognisance of the impact which this crime has had on me and my family. I would like to deal with the impact under the following headings:


He robbed Natasha of the following:

  • Her entire childhood was taken away, her future, her possible children and their children were removed from the face of the earth.
  • She was robbed of reaching puberty and having a boyfriend and her first innocent kiss.
  • She was robbed of falling in love and knowing the joy of dating.
  • She was robbed of knowing what it was like to go to high school and getting through Matric and going to Tech or University. 
  • She never had the chance of having her first dance or the thrill of a wedding or the joy of motherhood.


He robbed her mother of the following:

  • I was robbed of seeing my child reach maturity and of any possible grandchildren she would have given me.
  • I was robbed of witnessing the joys of seeing her grow up and reach the above mentioned milestones.
  • I have suffered from severe depression related to the murder and required regular hospitalizations and traumacounselling for about 5 years after the incident.
  • I also required sexual counselling for years as I was unable to be intimate with my husband as a result of what was said in court about the sexual perversions that were inflicted on my innocent child, which almost led to the breakdown of my marriage to a wonderful man who had taken in Natasha and Jennifer as his own daughter’s and didn’t deserve to be treated like he was a sexual pervert in his own home by his own spouse.
  • He also suffered the trauma of being named as a possible suspect because he was her stepfather and his whole life was invaded and investigated, which led to further marital problems between us which required marital counselling.
  •  I still suffer with severe depression and psychosomatic illness around Natasha’s birthday and in the weeks leading up to and after the anniversary of her trauma.
  • Despite receiving counselling, I still suffer with post-traumatic stress symptoms like having flashbacks to the incidents surrounding the circumstances around Natasha’s death and the trial, severe anxiety and insomnia, severe mood swings and also become incapacitated by blinding headaches and nausea at times of stress related to this incident, to the point where I am unable to go to work or take care of my family and sometimes have to be hospitalized.
  • I am currently medicated on chronic antidepressants, (Fluoxetine and Valium), but they do not seem to be having the desired effect.

He robbed her siblings of the following:

  • They were robbed of having the joy of having a big sister to go through the experiences of life with them.
  • They were robbed of having future nephews or nieces from her.
  • They were robbed of having a normal life unmarred by her tragic, gruesome and horrific death and had to constantly have their lives disrupted by reporters, curious people who asked questions of them that they were unable to answer and questioning from peers and school friends.
  • Theyhad to grow up with parents whose lives were wracked by pain and torture knowing that their baby girl had lost her innocence and her life in the most cruel, barbaric and horrific way.
  • They had to contend with a mother who, for years was lost in a cloud of depression and as a result their upbringing had to be done by their older sister who was only 8 years old at that time.
  • They were deprived of a mother who had to be hospitalised on numerous occasions for depression related psychosomatic illnesses every time that it was Natasha’s birthday or the anniversary month of her death.
  • They had to live with parents who live with mortal fear every time the girls have to leave home for any reason.
  • Jennifer at 8 years, was old enough to require counselling at the time of the murder, but due to financial constraints she was only counselled by child welfare, church counsellors and General Practioners and to this day she still suffers the emotional scars of the responsibilities placed on her due to the trauma of the murder and the devastation that her mother suffered that rendered her incapable of being able to care for her family. Responsibilities that NO 8 year old child should have to deal with.

Mediation between family and perpetrator:

In all the years since this has happened the perpetrator has never attempted to make contact with the family in any way to explain his actions or apologise for what he did and his family continues to harass us to this day. They live 3 doors away from us and despite the trauma of continuously being subjected to their harassment; we have been unable to move away due to the lack of finances.

He says that he is sorry about what he did, but he showed no remorse or fear when he told everyone at the court hearings of how his friend raped and tortured Natasha and then how he raped and tortured my innocent child himself even though he could see how scared and traumatised she was.

He never tried in any way to stop his friend or himself from doing what they did, watched while his friend raped and tortured her despite reporting that she pleaded with him for help. He was prepared to tell everyone about his part in it so he could use it against his friend to get an easier sentence.

As a result of him changing his story so many times to suit his needs, his accomplice in the crime managed to get away scot free on a technicality after he turned state’s witness.

This shows that that he did not really have any remorse for his horrific crime, but was just trying to help himself.

He also stated that he was high on drugs when he did all these things to Natasha, then how did he come to my door, look me in the eye and say that he saw her going to the tuck-shop and offer his services to help us in assisting to form a search party to look for the child, knowing that they had her locked up in the cellar. If he was so drugged up, how did he know how to fool the community for 3 days while going back and raping and torturing her again and again.

It shows that they knew exactly what they were doing and how to cover it up. If they were high on drugs when they were committing the crime, how did they remember the details of what they did, who did what, when to go and come as they pleased and who to speak to in order that he could get a much more lenient sentence.

He has not once in all these years seen fit to attempt to answer all the questions I have as to the exact extent that they hurt my child, leaving me with unanswered questions and to fill in the gaps with my own imagination. The scenarios that go on in my head are endless, leaving me traumatized with the endless possibilities and depths of trauma that she must have endured.


What are the implications for our family if he is released:

This man does not deserve to be set free. A family can only deal with a certain amount of devastation.

So how much of time justifies all these losses to not only Natasha but to the rest of her family.

How much of time justifies a sweet innocent 10 year old girl being raped, tortured and sodomised and forced to perform oral sex at knifepoint and being beaten to a pulp and having her bones broken from the beating?

How much of time justifies a child being held for 3 terrifying days, with her raped and torn body and broken bones fearing what was coming next?

How can anybody add the mortal fear of this monster coming back and attacking one of our other three daughters or our granddaughter to what we have already been through?

If this man is let out, how do we know that if he marries and/or has children they won’t also be psychopaths?

It is clear that he has no remorse when one looks at the facts that together with his friend:

  1. He abducted Natasha at knifepoint and repeatedly raped, sodomized and beat her till her bones were broken
  2. Kept her in a basement, stuffed  in a hole cut out in the base of a bed, with  a mattress over it  with barely any space to breathe, unable to move because he had broken her hands and legs, and no-one to hear her screams
  3. Kept her starved of water and food with no toilet facilities for three days
  4. Led the search party and diverted attention away from the crime scene, knowing that she was still alive. (NB. Please note that the post mortem revealed that she was murdered 3 days after her abduction).
  5. Murdered her and then dumped her body away from the crime scene to help them get away from the crime.
  6. He never admitted guilt at the time of the murder and was only caught because an that an investigating officer noticed the blood on his shoe.


All the above facts show that this heinous crime against an innocent 10 year old was an intelligent premeditated crime of rape, sodomy and torture with an elaborate, extensive cover up.

That alone makes one wonder if any child of any age can be safe with a psychopathic individual being let loose in any community.


Natasha was not the only victim of this crime but her family were also victims of the pain and horror that followed. What happened changed everyone and their lives. They were all robbed of their normal pain free lives that they would have had if he had not done what he did to Natasha.

And the biggest irony of it all is that technically her parents, as Taxpayers in this country paid for all his medical bills, education and food for the last 16 years.

Who paid for their medical bills for the psychologists and for the repeated hospitalizations throughout these 16 years?

Who has compensated Natasha’s siblings for all the income lost from their mother not being able to work because she underwent several breakdowns and had to be hospitalized?

Who is compensating them for all the money that was spent on psychologists, doctor’s and medication throughout the years since the tragedy occurred, when this money could have helped to further the other children’s education or relocate the family to a place where there were no constant reminders of what had happened to Natasha.


How can anyone say that being locked up for 15 years with a roof over his head, 3 meals a day, a free education, free medical care and free psychiatric help, justifies what he did to Natasha?

How can anyone say that there is justice in him being able to lead a full normal life that he has deprived so many other people of?

How can anyone say that this justifies what he did to her family?

So ideally he should not be released, however, if parole is inevitable, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • He says that drugs caused him to do what he did to Natasha, how is anyone going to guarantee that he will not start taking drugs again outside of prison, so he should be subjected to regular drug testing.
  • What if he has to get involved in the wrong company again and starts doing terrible things again, so his contact with people should also be monitored.
  • If he is so sorry and is not considered a dangerous person anymore then why was his family or friends threatening our family while we were doing the petitions to keep him in prison? If released, there should be restrictions in place, protecting our family form any kind of harassment or contact with him or his family and friends.
  • He raped, sodomised, molested, beat and murdered a child, which puts him in the category of a PAEDOPHILE, and if released into the custody of his family, it places him on the perfect predatory ground to feed his perversions because the Primary school in the area is only 2 kms away from their home.
  • He is in the prime of his youth now and has not been exposed to the temptation of having young girls around him while being incarcerated. There is a huge possibility that like any other addict, a paedophile is addicted to sex with children, and once exposed to the objects of his addiction, he may not be able to resist the temptation, which would then leave more innocent children at risk of his continued perversion.

All the above facts show that this heinous crime against an innocent 10 year old was an intelligent premeditated crime of rape, sodomy and torture with an elaborate, extensive cover up.

That alone makes one wonder if any child of any age can be safe with a psychopathic individual being let loose in any community.

With all due respect, one has to wonder if the depth of justice guarantees the safety of any child in our area should he be paroled. The government wants so much to protect the rights of children but in actual fact the children are being let down and abandoned to perpetrators like this who think they can rape, torture and murder innocent little children. These children are supposed to be the future of our country, but sadly sometimes the law is guilty of  letting down not only Natasha but every other child out there.


Our endeavours to prevent the release of this prisoner, are not directed at obtaining compensation despite all the trauma our family has been through but rather is a fight to obtain better justice for all other children regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, who have been through similar ordeals and to prevent any other children from being exposed to this kind of atrocity in any possible way.

Our dedication to finding justice for all can be traced to our efforts of pairing up with Steve from THE Buddy and Me Foundation for which Natasha is now the poster child and our national and international email petition to increase awareness about these kinds of crime.

Kind regards

__________________                                                        _________________

Sharon (Thavamonie) Jeenabhai                                                                         Date signed

Caring regards from

‘Buddy (The Beach Buggy)


Me’ (Steve Heath)

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Blog 57 – Buddy and Me – Project 3 (26th Sept – 11th October 2011 The Final chapter)

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A Proposed Solution To Stopping The Rape And Sexual Abuse Of Children in SA.

To watch Buddy and Me in real time click here, select South Africa under “Global Fleet Logins:” in the left hand panel, enter cellphone number 0822549129 and password Buddy.

To make a donation to or information on any of the organisations involved in assisting victims of child rape and abuse, please click on one of the following links:

Bobbi Bear Foundation (KwaZulu-Natal)
The Teddy Bear Clinic (Gauteng)
The TygerBear Foundation (Western Cape)
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  • Tips by ‘Rape Wise’ – ‘Eye on the child – A Safety and Protection Manual’ A MUST read by all parents – Blog 55
  • To see the ‘Buddy and Me’ scheduled itinerary details for the period 30th August – 4th October 2011 see blog 50
  • To read the shocking details of the Upington horror story – The Hynie Dick Story – regarding the ‘Upington savage pedophile’ see blog 35
  • To read details of the ‘savage’ the police are looking for in connection with the rape of a 3 year little girl, see blog 39
  • To read the heart breaking story by a mother (Cathy Kenney) of the rape of  her 3 year-old daughter see blog 38
  • To read the storey of Natasha who at 10 years-of age was brutally raped and murdered and after serving a very short portion of his sentence, the ‘State’ wants to release the savage who did it, from prison, see blog 10 (November 2010)
  • To read ‘Birds’ story about her incredible courage to face her ‘step-father’ who she looked up to and loved as a ‘father’ who abused her and her love, as told by her mother – Elise – see blog 42

Monday morning (26th September) dawned an absolutely spectacularly beautiful day, in-spite of the fact that it had rained the entire night and proved to be a particularly devastating day for me personally. I woke early, did some washing, thinking that I would be able to hang it up to dry when I reached my ‘home’ at the Protea Mvubu Lodge that afternoon in Richards Bay, and hoped that all my problems I had experienced over the past 2 weeks were something of the passed; unfortunately that was not to be – for a few reasons – and was packed and ready to head out of St Lucia by 10:30am.

As I was driving out of St Lucia I was thinking that I had plenty of time to cover the 32 kilometres to Mtubatuba where I was scheduled to visit the Beares store at 1pm and so hoped to sit back and enjoy the drive through the lovely and tranquil bush lands adorning the road side between St Lucia and Mtubatuba, but unfortunately this was not to be.

About 15 kilometres out of St Lucia I suddenly heard a horrible grinding noise coming from Buddy’s rear left wheel, the wheel jammed up, the sound and effect on Buddy was mind blowing to me and I stopped Buddy and sat with my head in my hands repeating “Noooo what now??!!”

I eventually extracted myself from Buddy and after jacking up the rear left wheel and removing the wheel and wheel hub I discovered that the ‘guy’ who had done my breaks and had caused Buddy’s rear wheels to come off (Blog 53) by not tightening the wheel hub nuts tight enough and had failed to fit split pins on the castle nuts, had also failed to put a split pin into the lug which holds the rear handbrake components together and so the lug had pulled loose and the components for the handbrake had come apart and had jammed between the brake linings and the wheel hub!!

I removed the handbrake components completely, made an emergency clip to hold the springs for the brake-shoes in place, refitted the brake-shoes and was back in motion after about three quarters of an hour and still managed to arrive at the Mtubatuba Beares store half an hour early!

If I had thought the traffic and general chaos at the Pretoria Van der Walt Street Beares store had been bad, (Blog 53) well that seemed like ‘child’s play’ compared to the chaos and hectic bustle in Mtubatuba. I was worried about parking Buddy in the only available parking space I could find, which was about 1 kilometre away from the centre in which the Beares store is situated and so persevered through the chaos of the taxis and other vehicles which were double parked and triple parked in the ‘square’ in-which the Mtubatuba Beares store is situated and so I double parked in-front of the store, parking in four taxis in the process, which obviously was not well accepted and resulted in a very shortened visit to this store.

 The chaos outside the store was so heavy we couldn’t even get a picture of the glamorous ladies of Beares Mtubatuba posing outside the store.

 A visit to the local constabulary proved to be a major disappointment, because as usual, as has happened in most of the areas I have visited, I was met with indignant attitude by the police and it was obvious that they have no infrastructure to provide victims of rape and in particular child rape victims and mothers reporting this disgusting crime with any sort of a support structure to encourage them to report the crime.

 Fortunately Buddy behaved himself during the drive through to Richards Bay where I was kindly hosted accommodation at the lovely Richards Bay Protea Mvubu Lodge

 My visit to the Beares store in Richards Bay was, as usual with the ‘Buddy and Me’ project visit to this store, a really pleasant one.

 Unfortunately Sandra Dekker the store manager was off sick but the stores credit manager; Rochinie Nagiah did a sterling job in making my visit a pleasant one in her absence.

From Richards Bay ‘Buddy and Me’ drove the short 20 kilometre drive to Empangeni where we first visited Fanie Nhleko and his friendly staff,

and after spending some time chatting to them about the project headed for the other Empangeni Beares store which I always enjoy visiting and which is situated in the Empangeni Plaza where Bongi Cele and his great bunch of staff made me feel right at home as usual.

For those who don’t know him, that’s Bongi standing right at the end on the right of the picture obviously thinking “Steve if you don’t get me looking good in this pic I’m going to sort you out” so ja Bongi you look good J

My next couple of night’s accommodation in the Richards Bay area was kindly hosted by the Round Table of Empangeni at the lovely ‘Zulu Lodge’.

 The afternoon was spent visiting the police station in Richards Bay where I was, once again, very disappointed in the ‘system’ which is supposed to provide a support structure to encourage mothers and children to report the rape and sexual abuse of children but fails miserably.

Wednesday ‘Buddy and Me’ had a long, cold and wet drive through to Ulundi via Empangeni and Melmoth to the Beares store in the King Senzagakhona Centre in Ulundi.

 After an enjoyable time with Dumsani Mthimkitulu, the store manager and his bevy of lovely ladies, I followed him to the offices of the ‘Department of Social Development’ where he had previously spoken to ‘someone’ in order to establish a meeting for me with a social worker. Unfortunately on arrival at the offices no social worker was available to talk to me, in-spite of there being 15 offices allocated to social workers with their names boldly printed on each door.

After walking the corridors for 20 minutes, Dumsani eventually attracted the attention of one ‘social worker’ who agreed to talk to me but soon after learning who I am and what I wanted to talk to her about she explained that she was ‘new’ and in training and did not know anything about the rape of children situation in the area and suggested I speak to another woman, more senior, but unfortunately this woman, a Miss P Hlabiso and her colleague Miss D.P. Mzila turned out to be very unfriendly, to put it mildly, and refused to discuss the situation of child rape or provide any information regarding the support structure for mothers and children reporting child rape in the area. I left the offices very perplexed and my perplexity deepened even further after making a stop at the local police station and was greeted with yet more negative attitude.

By the time I returned to the Zulu Lodge in Richards Bay it was a quarter to six in the evening and I had driven almost 300 kilometres for the day so I was pretty cold and tired and so welcomed a nice relaxing bath and an early night.

Thursday morning I was up early, showered, packed and after a hearty breakfast took the road out of Richards Bay (once again) and headed back to Empangeni (again) and then southwards to Gingindlovu and then inland to Eshowe. At the Beares store in Eshowe Susan Naidoo, the store manager did a sterling job in making my visit both a very pleasant one as well as a very interesting one by firstly arranging for three social workers,

 to pop in and join me in a discussion and to provide me with details of what is happening with regard to the rape and sexual abuse of children in the Eshowe and surrounding area.

One of the lady’s in my group of guests was a victim of child rape herself, and was raped by her father at the age of 9, and to this day, in-spite of the fact that it was reported to the police, nothing happened about it, when she and her mother made enquiries with the police all they were told was that “The case had been dropped”, and till this day no reason was given.

 Unfortunately, as in the case of all the other areas I have visited recently, there is no support structure for victims of rape or domestic violence to talk about and after presenting them with what ‘I believe’ needs to be done, as in ‘a solution’, they were unanimous in their agreement that if applied it would make a huge impact on encouraging mothers and children to report the rape and sexual abuse of children. The ladies did confirm that child rape is occurring at a humungous rate in the area and in spite of having reported numerous cases to the police nothing ever happens.

One comment that was made, was the fact the it is believed that the police are now “making money out of cases being withdrawn (believed to be R500-00 per case)” and so actually encourage complainants, even in the case of child rape; which are ‘not supposed to be able to be withdrawn’ because the State is the complainant, to withdraw the case.

 So to Susan; for those who don’t know that’s Susan second from the right of the picture with her friendly staff, many thanks for the really enjoyable and interesting day at your Eshowe Beares store.

 Before leaving Eshowe I managed to squeeze in a rushed visit to meet Round Tabler Duncan Balmer and then headed a short way out of town to pay a visit on the Chairman of Round Table Eshowe (RT 24) Stefan Schoeman who together with his lovely wife Sally-Ann owns an incredibly lovely guest lodge called Fleurdale Guest Lodge’, so if you are ever visiting the Eshowe area staying over at Fleurdale Guest Lodge is a must: Telephone nr 035-474 2604, fax 086-622 3094 website: email:

 From Eshowe ‘Buddy and Me’ headed for the Sundumbili Beares store, the small town of Sundumbili being situated close to the Tugela River near Mandini on the Kwa-Zulu Natal North Coast where Sipho Vilanculos the Beares manager and who is a character of note, together with his amazingly friendly staff made my visit to the store and area a really pleasant one.

 My night’s accommodation was once again courtesy of Protea Hotels and this time it was at the magnificent Protea Umhlanga Ridge Hotel.

So meet the General Manager Tina Cattaneo – extreme left of picture, and her friendly front office staff.

 Friday (30th Sept) ‘Buddy and Me’ travelled the 40 kilometres back northwards to Stanger, in drizzling rain. On entering the Beares store in Stanger I could not help thinking about my last visit to this store on the 12th of August 2009 which was soon after the start of ‘Buddy and Me – project 2’ two years and two months ago!! Incredible! It felt like it was 6 months ago. But what had happened was that Buddy had been performing fantastically well and when I had pulled up outside the Beares store in Stanger that morning had not shown any signs of any sort of problem, but when It was time to leave, Buddy’s battery was pop flat.

We started him with jumpers cables but every-time we disconnected the jumper cables he would cut out. A local ‘expert’ diagnosed the problem as a short and so Buddy was towed to an auto-electrical place and stayed overnight and was ready to return to work the next afternoon.

So meet the incredibly friendly people of Beares Stanger, and the amazing lady who keeps things together in the absence of the store manager Gonna Perumal is Reena Naidoo who is standing on the extreme right of the picture with the blue blouse.

From Stanger ‘Buddy and Me’ continued southwards to Phoenix where we visited Hazel Pilay the stores credit manager who was standing in for the store manager Goolam Rahiman who was unfortunately on leave, and the other friendly staff of Beares Phoenix.

It was still drizzling with rain and so because everyone insisted on having the picture taken with Buddy, everyone had to venture out into the miserable weather to have the picture taken.

After a lovely weekend in Pinetown being hosted by Nigel Lotz and Heidi Wood owners of the ‘Black Forest Tavern’,

 meet Nigel and the Black Forest manager Janet Visser – Monday morning ‘Buddy and Me’ once again headed north, but this time not too far to the Beares store at the Bridge City Shopping Centre on the north coast in Kwa’Mashu.

 Oh did I mention it poured with rain the whole day L

 Tuesday morning the 4th October – a particularly devastating day for me personally – exactly one year to the day the ‘Buddy and Me – project 3’ had started in Jo’burg at the Beares head office, I paid a visit to the two final Beares stores on the ‘Buddy and Me – project 3’ project, these being firstly the Beares (1) store in West Street Durban;

 and then this was followed with a visit to the Beares (2) store which is a short way away also in West Street:

I was privileged to be provided the opportunity to attended a very large Round Table meeting in Durban (Berea) and do a talk on the ‘Buddy and Me’ project on the 11th October which was attended by

 from left; The Chairman for Round Table Berea Quintin Dreyer, Jeron Strydom the Area Chairman for the Round Table South Coast area, yours truly, and Tim Brautesneth DA Councillor for Durban and past President of Round Table Southern Africa. The meeting was also attended by

 the Round Tablers of; Kloof (RT 190), Margate (RT46), Port Shepstone (RT 83), Westville (RT163), Watercrest (RT218) and of course the home Table Berea Dbn (RT 189).

 June Porter, the amazing lady in my life, travelled down from Jo’burg and joined me for the completion of project 3, and while staying at the lovely Black Forest Tavern we met 2 incredibly lovely ladies, one being Janet Visser and the other Charmaine Stokes who provided me with some incredible information pertaining to her own experience of child molestation.

 Charmaine told us of the fact that for many years she could not remember anything pertaining to her life prior to 5 years of age, from 5 years of age onwards everything that occurred in her childhood years was clear. After 30 years (her being 35 years of age) she was awaked by her husband one night because she was crying in her sleep and all the memories came flooding back. The ‘memories’ involved her being ‘taken for walks’ by her uncle and being sexually molested and the trauma she had experienced had blocked these memories from her mind.

I have been told of the extreme mental trauma associated with the rape and sexual abuse of children and this has been mind-boggling for me, and a document I read recently, provided by Janet Visser of the Black Forest in Pinetown clearly identifies the extremity of this trauma.

Rape at Home ~ AWAKE June 22 – 1982 (pg10)

Dr Judianne Densen-Gerber, director of Odyssey Institute in New York city says: “ In my own practice I have the hardest time imaginable treating these children who suffer from incest, even more than the kids who are battered, abused, set on fire, and whipped because at least those children don’t confuse what’s being done to them with love. The parent who sexually uses a child while telling him ‘I love you’, is raising a child who will be afraid to establish rapport, trust and engagement with anyone else in his life, even with the therapist, because unlike the beaten child, he doesn’t seek affection, he fears affection and becomes extremely isolated.”

On page 129 of the book The Death of Innocence, we read: “Among prostitutes the frequency of sexual molestation in childhood is 92%; 67% of them experienced some form of incestuous assault….At least 75% of the runaways, on the national average, are escaping incestuous abuse. The same figures apply to cases of adolescent drug addiction: About 70% are victims of incest”……

 Another interesting comment that was made during a discussion (Mike Stokes) was the fact that “If a licensed owner of a firearm looses the firearm due to negligence or even if he or she is robbed of it, the individual will be prosecuted and will face a severe penalty of a fine and possibly imprisonment. Why then when a child is raped or abducted due to extreme negligence by the parent, is the parent or parents not charged and held accountable for negligence or neglect of the child?

During my extensive travels on the ‘Buddy and Me’ project, I have often seen small children in the 3-6 year-old age group wondering around streets and foot paths un-supervised and thought that the parents should be held responsible and accountable for the neglect of the child, particularly when these children end up getting raped and sexually abused or abducted.

Another interesting fact is, that in-order to obtain a drivers licence or firearm, one must under-go extensive courses and an examination in-order to establish whether one is competent to drive a motor vehicle or posses a firearm, but when it comes to children there are no requirements. Perhaps before one can have a child the parents should have to undergo parental courses and if an individual falls pregnant without having undergone such a course (such as one containing information contained in the ‘Rape Wise’ document reflected in my blog 55) there should be penalties, such as not being legible for child grants and that both parents be forced to perform community services in children’s homes etc.

And so on the 4th of October 2011 the ‘Buddy and Me – Project 3’ came to an end, one year to the day it started, and this after visiting 163 Beares and Lubners stores, met many Round Tablers and having interviewed hundreds of police and court officials as well as politicians, social workers, teachers and hundreds of mothers as well as many presentations and discussions at schools and visited many safe houses and ‘homes’ and ‘shelters’ for abused children and having met many children who are victims of the scourge of child rape and spent the majority of my time in townships.

Project ‘3’ has been particularly stressful on me and Buddy and we both look forward to a good rest over the next few months, well I’m not so sure about the ‘rest’ part because there is a lot of work to be done with regard to providing Buddy with a complete and total face, body, engine, suspension and electrical face lift and ‘make over’ to prepare him for ‘Buddy and Me ‘The final chapter’ – Project 4’.

 I am adamant that there will be a project 4 for the following reason:

  • ‘Project 1’ was undertaken in order to establish ‘how’ bad the rape of children is in South Africa and continued through Africa to establish how the rape and sexual abuse of children in SA fits into the disgusting crime in Africa as a continent.
  • ‘Project 2’ was undertaken to establish ‘why’ it is happening and what needs to be done to eradicate the scourge of child rape from our society.
  • ‘Project 3’ was undertaken to present ‘my solution’, what ‘I believe’ needs to be done; based on my 6 years and 187 000 kilometres in Buddy research, to eradicate child rape from our society to the South Africa communities, police, court officials, social workers and mothers etc and to obtain their opinions on my proposed solution and to establish if they agree that if implemented would it encourage mothers and children to report cases of child rape and to get their opinions and comments on my proposed solution.
  • ‘Project 4 – The final chapter’ will be focused on the media and to pressurise government into committing themselves to stopping the rape and sexual abuse of children in South Africa and to live up to their frequent statements in which they claim that “children are our countries greatest assets” because anybody with a smallest grasp of business knows that if a companies assets are allowed to deteriorate, the company will very soon be in dire straits and will collapse. I firmly believe that unless our government commits themselves to stopping the destruction of our countries biggest assets – our children – in the form of rape and sexual abuse, our country is doomed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Management and staff of Beares and Lubners for their dedicated and generous support to the ‘Buddy and Me’ project throughout the last 6 years and to all the management and staff of the stores ‘Buddy and Me’ were privileged to visit and for making our visits in every case an absolutely incredible experience and hope that Beares will be involved in ‘Buddy and Me –project 4 – The Final Chapter’ next year.

I would also like to extend a sincere thanks to the management and staff of the Protea Hotel Group, in particular Phillip Meyers (Regional Director Protea Hotels – Johannesburg), Angela Agenbag (Office Manager Protea Hotels Johannesburg) and Cheryl Piha (Office Manager Protea Hotels Cape Town) and all the General Managers and staff of the many Protea Hotels I was privileged and honoured to be hosted at all over South Africa.

I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the management and staff of Cell C for their kind and generous support to the project in the form of airtime sponsorship without which my budget would have been depleted long before completion of the project.

Thanks also go to the management and staff of Translux who enabled me to leave Buddy to rest at various stages of the project and to travel in luxury to venues where I did talks and to meet up with individuals who provided me with crucial information pertaining to my research into the rape and sexual abuse of children in South Africa.

Other assistance was in the form of a sponsorship from BlackBerry SA who provided me with an incredibly wonderful piece of technology in the form of a BlackBerry cell phone, which was unfortunately stolen near the end of the project which made me realise just how wonderful the technology of a BlackBerry is and which I miss immensely.

Other incredible support to the ‘Buddy and Me’ project was from Spar and Pick n’ Pay without which would have resulted in my diet having been considerably different J

So to all of the supporters of the ‘Buddy and Me – Searching for a Solution to Stopping the Rape and Sexual Abuse of Children in South Africa’project 3’ you have mine and Buddy’s sincere thanks.

So all that’s left for me to say is that in-spite of this project having taken extreme toll in every aspect it could on both ‘Buddy and Me’, it has been an incredible experience and hopefully we will get our government to commit to eradicating the scourge of child rape from our society which based on the information I have learned during my extensive travels and interviews I am adamant that it can be eradicated, government must just WANT to do it, and stop using the “lack of money” as an excuse, after all a fortune is being spent on developing a very sophisticated traffic police system (see blog 2) and if our esteemed president can spend R400 million on a house upgrade I am sure this money could be better spent in developing a proper support structure to encourage mothers to report the rape and sexual abuse of their children.

So keep well and stay safe and above all; ‘Keep all children safe’

 Caring regards from
Buddy (The Beach Buggy)
(Steve Heath)

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